The Central Wisconsin Water Ski Show Team

The Water Walkers
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Join Us

If you are interested in joining the team - great! You can contact the membership chair for more details or with any inquiries you have. A few commonly asked questions are located below.

Forms and Information

To begin with, here are some forms to take a look at and consider.
  • Membership Form
  • Parent Code of Conduct
  • Rules and Expectations
  • Emergency Medical Waiver
  • Volunteer Form
  • Show Skiing Rider Guide
  • Show Skiing Skills Progression
  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Please take a look at this form for information regarding team dues and other costs.

    Have any questions? Contact the membership chair!

    Do I have to try out?

    You do not need to try out to join the team, or prove any skills. We accept anyone with a good attitude, and a sense of how to be on a team.

    Do I have to ski already?

    You do not need to know how to ski to join the team. We'll gladly teach you how and guide you the whole way.